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    18 Best Half-Dome Yosemite Shirts

    Half-Dome is one of the most iconic geographical formations in the United States, with its gigantic half-sphere looming large over the beautiful Yosemite Valley. People from all over the country flock to Yosemite National Park to complete the grueling trek to the top of the Dome- or just to gawk at the enormous majesty of Half-Dome from a safer height. :) This list of 18 Half-Dome shirts is for all those hikers, climbers, and visitors of Half-Dome who would like a reminder of Half-Dome's great beauty and majesty.


    Colorful Retro Half-Dome Shirt

    half-dome yosemite shirt

    This cool retro shirt is a great gift or souvenir for any Half-Dome hiker, climber, or visiter! Half-Dome is featured prominently in this design, shaded in vibrant colors and surrounded by textured typography. Plus, the artist offers this design on a hoodie as well as a t-shirt!

    Buy here: TeePublic


    NJ3 Half-Dome Elevation T-Shirt

    half-dome yosemite shirt

    This is our very own NJ3 Half-Dome t-shirt, perfect for any Half-Dome enthusiast- especially those who have climbed the 8,839 feet to the top! This nice design is printed onto a lightweight and super-soft Bella-and-Canvas t-shirt, great for everyday wear. We also offer multiple t-shirt colors and sizes, as well as men's, women's, and unisex t-shirts!

    Buy here: NJ3


    Word Art Yosemite Shirt

    word art shirt Yosemite Half Dome

     This unique shirt is a great souvenir or gift for any Half-Dome hiker, climber, or visiter! The iconic Half-Dome is recreated using words relating to Yosemite National Park, printed on a cotton-polyester 3/4 sleeved shirt. 

    Buy here: La Pop Art


    Cute Yosemite Half-Dome T-Shirt

    Yosemite half-dome shirt

    This pretty shirt is a perfect gift or souvenir for any Half-Dome enthusiast! The cute design is colorful and original, printed onto a soft cotton-polyester shirt that comes in 5 different colors.

    Buy here: Etsy


    "I Climbed Half-Dome" Monochromatic Shirt

    I climbed half-dome shirt 

    This minimalistic shirt is a great souvenir or gift for the climber/hiker who has conquered the Half-Dome! With a cotton-polyester blend, this shirt is comfortable and lightweight, and has a simple monochromatic aesthetic that will match with almost any outfit! 

    Buy here: Amazon

    Outdoorsy Half-Dome Shirt

    Half Dome Yosemite shirt

    This cool shirt is a great gift or souvenir for any Half-Dome hiker, climber, or visiter! Underneath the words and elevation of Half-Dome, funny stick people show the different activities and dangers on Half-Dome; Climbing, hiking, camping, and getting buried under falling rocks- yikes!

    Buy here: Amazon


    Artistic Half-Dome Yosemite Shirt

    Yosemite half-dome shirt

    This t-shirt showcases the majestic beauty of Half-Dome! The t-shirt design has an artistic rendering of Half-Dome, accented with a beautiful blue sky and text. Plus, the shirt is very comfortable, made of a blend of cotton and polyester!

    Buy here: RedBubble


    North Face Half-Dome Logo Shirt

    north face half-dome logo shirt

    This classic outdoors clothing brand has a logo based on the iconic Yosemite Half-Dome! A perfect gift or souvenir for the Half-Dome enthusiast who likes the North Face brand. This t-shirt is made of a triblend fabric, 50% of which is recycled polyester!

    Buy here: The North Face


    Cool Sporty Half-Dome Yosemite T-Shirt

    half-dome yosemite shirt

    This cool t-shirt is a great souvenir or gift for any Half-Dome enthusiast! The logo is minimalistic with a slightly sporty vibe, standing out against the charcoal-grey shirt, which is available in multiple sizes!

    Buy here: TravelYosemite


    NJ3 Minimalistic Artistic Half-Dome Shirt

    yosemite half-dome shirt

     This is another of our NJ3 Half-Dome T-shirts, a wonderful gift or souvenir for any Half-Dome hiker, climber, or visiter! This original artistic sketch of Half-Dome is a beautiful dusky orange, paired with a peachy-cream shirt! We also offer this same minimalistic design in black, with different colored t-shirts. The shirt is made of a super-soft triblend fabric that is lightweight and durable, perfect for everyday use!

    Buy here: NJ3


     "I Climbed Half-Dome" Vintage Shirt

    I climbed half-dome shirt

    This vintage shirt is perfect for anyone who has made the arduous trek up the iconic Half-Dome! The artistic design of Half-Dome in grey and orange matches well with the solid grey t-shirt, which is made of 100% cotton!

    Buy here: Zazzle


    Unique Retro Yosemite Half-Dome Shirt

    yosemite half-dome shirt

    This unique retro shirt is a perfect gift or souvenir for any Half-Dome enthusiast! Made of 100% cotton, this shirt is durable and comfortable to wear. Plus, the shirt comes in five different colors and six different sizes!

    Buy here: Zazzle


     Everyday-Wear Grey Half-Dome Shirt

    half-dome Yosemite shirt

    This humble shirt is a wonderful gift or souvenir for any Half-Dome visiter, hiker, or climber! It is perfect for everyday wear, with a subtle design and grey color that will match with any outfit. Plus, this t-shirt is very comfortable, made of a cotton-polyester blend!

    Buy here: Etsy

    "Half-Dome Summit Club" T-Shirt

    half-dome yosemite summit club shirt

    This outdoorsy shirt is a great commemoration of a successful Half-Dome hike to the summit! The t-shirt is made of 100% cotton, making it comfortable and durable. Plus, the artist offers over fifteen colors of shirts to choose from and multiple t-shirt sizes!

    Buy here: Zazzle 



    Yosemite Road Trip Half-Dome Shirt

    half-dome yosemite shirt

    This fun shirt is perfect for any Half-Dome visiter, especially those who road trip to Yosemite, with a road running through this artistic rendition of Yosemite Valley and Half-Dome! This fun design is printed onto a cotton and polyester blend t-shirt, which is available in several sizes.

    Buy here: The Landmark Project



    Minimalistic Half-Dome T-Shirt

    half-dome yosemite shirt

    This pleasantly simple shirt is perfect for any minimalist who enjoys traveling to Half-Dome! This nice design is printed onto an eco-friendly fabric; 50% Supima cotton and 50% Micromodal (a yarn made of recycled beech wood!). 

    Buy here: Marine Layer



    NJ3 Half-Dome is Calling T-Shirt

    yosemite half-dome shirt

     This is another of our very own NJ3 Half-Dome t-shirts, perfect for anyone who longs to revisit Yosemite and see the majestic Half-Dome once again. Made of a  triblend fabric, this t-shirt is lightweight, durable, and super-soft! Also, we offer multiple t-shirt colors and sizes, since every NJ3 product is made-to-order!

    Buy here: NJ3


    Pretty Yosemite Half-Dome Shirt

     half-dome yosemite shirt

    This pretty shirt is a wonderful gift or souvenir for any Half-Dome enthusiast! Half-Dome is featured prominently in this brightly-colored t-shirt design, above curly letters that spell out "Yosemite National Park Est. 1890." This cute design is printed onto a cotton-polyester blend shirt, which comes in several colors!

    Buy here: Etsy

    23 Best Half-Dome Yosemite Gifts and Souvenirs

    Yosemite National Park is a truly beautiful place, with its diverse flora and fauna, majestic waterfalls, and colossal, awe-inspiring rock formations. It is an amazing place to visit, especially if you are an avid hiker or rock climber; some of the hikes and climbs of Yosemite's humongous rocks are world-renowned. One of the hardest and most popular hikes in Yosemite is Half-Dome, an iconic geographical formation dominating Yosemite Valley. This list of 23 Half-Dome gifts and souvenirs are perfect for those who have conquered the Half-Dome hike or just want to be reminded of the majesty of this enormous geographical feature.


    Yosemite Half-Dome Wooden Keychain

    Yosemite Half Dome Keychain

    This is a well-designed wooden keychain, perfect for any Half-Dome lover's backpack or keyring! This simple and cute design is laser-engraved onto sturdy maple wood, and attached to a nickel-plated steel ring. The artist also offers this same wooden Half-Dome design as a magnet!

    Buy here: Etsy


    Soft Yosemite Half-Dome Shirt

    Yosemite half-dome shirt

    This Yosemite shirt is a great gift or souvenir for any Half-Dome hiker, climber, or visiter! This soft t-shirt is made of a cotton fabric, printed with an artistic rendition of Half-Dome in shades of salmon pink, burnt orange, and black. 

    Buy here: Etsy


    High-Quality Digital Photo

    Half-Dome photo

    This awe-inspiring Half-Dome photo is an amazing reminder of the majesty and wonder of this iconic geographical formation, with a dramatic backdrop of misty, stormy skies. This photo is a high-quality digital download, ready to paste as a computer/phone background or print as an eye-catching photo or canvas! Below is a link to the digital image on Etsy, and another link to Shutterfly, a website that will print any digital image onto high-quality paper or canvas. 

    Buy digital image here:  Etsy

    Buy paper print or canvas here: Shutterfly


    Half-Dome PopSocket

    half-dome Yosemite pop socket

    This colorful PopSocket is a great gift or souvenir for a Half-Dome hiker or visiter, making them smile every time they glance at their phone or iPad! However, be aware that the adhesive on the PopSockets best sticks to plastic phone and iPad cases, and may not stick as well on other types of cases. 

    Buy here: Amazon


    Half-Dome Engraved Wine Glass

    half-dome wine glass

    This is a perfect gift or souvenir for that person who wants a nice glass of chilled wine after a hard hike up Half-Dome! The artists's handmade design is laser-engraved onto a crystal lead-free wine glass, creating a beautiful and useful work of art! Plus, the design can be customized with a name, date, etc. for a small fee. 

    Buy here: Etsy


    Embroidered Half-Dome Decoration


    embroidered half-dome

    This amazing embroidery decoration is a wonderful gift or souvenir for any person who would enjoy a reminder of the beauty of Half-Dome! This handmade decoration is mounted on a circular wooden frame with a golden clasp, ready to be hung on a wall or placed on a shelf. You may also request that the artist create a custom order for you on her Etsy store (perhaps a Half-Dome design with "I climbed Half-Dome" text above it? :) 

    Buy here: Etsy


    "Shattered Air" Half-Dome Book

    Half-Dome book

    This enthralling book is a must-read for any book-lovers who enjoy visiting or climbing the iconic Half-Dome. A true story about five hikers and the calamitous danger of lightning storms, this cautionary tale will keep readers on the edge of their seats. 

    Buy here: Amazon


    Yosemite Half-Dome Coasters

    Half-Dome coasters

    This beautiful evening image of Half-Dome will brighten up any Half-Dome enthusiast's table! These coasters come in packs of four, and are made of a ceramic material with cork bottoms that will not scratch any surface you set them on. 

    Buy here: Amazon


    NJ3 Half-Dome Elevation Sticker


    Half-Dome sticker on water bottle

    This is our very own NJ3 Half-Dome Sticker! It is a simple and unique design, colored in black to match any computer, notebook, or water bottle color! In the picture above, the sticker has a transparent finish, but matte and glossy finishes are also available. 

    Buy here: NJ3 


    Handmade Half-Dome Painted Ornament

    half-dome ornament

    This beautiful handmade ornament is a wonderful Christmas gift for any Half-Dome climber or sightseer! Created by artists in Colorado, this detailed Half-Dome design is painted onto a circular block of wood or bisque material. Plus, the ornament comes with hemp string or ribbon so you can hang it on your Christmas tree as soon as you receive it!

    Buy here: Etsy


     Moleskin-Style Half-Dome Notebook

    Half-Dome notebook

    This high-quality notebook is a perfect companion to capture your John Muir-like ruminations of the majestic beauty of Half-Dome. The notebook is handmade, created from premium cardstock and recycled blank white paper.   

    Buy here: Etsy


    Half-Dome At Night Sticker

    Half-Dome sticker

    This enchanting image of Half-Dome at night shows the mystique and majesty of this iconic geographical feature. Made of vinyl, this sticker is removable, water-resistant, and durable, perfect for decorating any computer, notebook, or water bottle. Plus, the sticker comes in four different sizes and glossy, matte, or transparent finishes!

    Buy here: RedBubble


     History and Geology of Half-Dome Book

    half-dome book

    This fascinating book about Half-Dome's unique history, geology, and ecology starts with the beginnings of its creation 500 million years ago and continues through tales of Native Americans, sad stories of death, and experiences of inspiration and beauty all connected to this iconic rock. A great gift or souvenir for any interested geologist, hiker, or visiter of Half-Dome. It is available on Amazon Kindle Unlimited and able to be bought as a paperback copy.  

    Buy here: Amazon


    Artistic Half-Dome Poster

    Yosemite Half-Dome poster

    This vintage style poster is a beautiful reminder of the majestic Half-Dome, making you smile every time you glance at your wall! This original design was created by a small family business in Tennessee, and printed onto high-quality paper! You can choose from 6 different poster sizes, but be aware that the poster does not come with a frame.

    Buy here: Etsy



    NJ3 Half Dome is Calling T-Shirt

    half-dome t-shirt

    This is our very own NJ3 Half-Dome t-shirt, a wonderful gift or souvenir for that Half-Dome hiker or visiter who yearns to go back someday. Made of a soft, triblend fabric, this t-shirt is extremely comfortable and comes in many different colors. 

    Buy here: NJ3


    Cute Yosemite Half-Dome Keychain

    Yosemite half-dome keychain

    This cute keychain is a great gift or souvenir, a wonderful reminder of a great trip whenever you look at your backpack, purse, or keyring. This cute Half-Dome design is made of soft and appealing colors and is printed onto a durable, waterproof acrylic circle.

    Buy here: Zazzle

    Customizable Half-Dome Spiral Notebook

    Half-Dome Yosemite notebook

    This notebook is a great personal gift for any Half-Dome enthusiast! It has an amazing photo of Half-Dome dominating the cover, with a small text box at the bottom that holds any name or quote you would like! If you click "Customize further," you can also change the font, size, and color of the text! Plus, you could change the spiral ring color and the inside page design (college ruled, graph, etc.).

    Buy here: Zazzle


    Vintage Yosemite Half-Dome Bag

    Yosemite half-dome bag

    This cool bag is perfect for any Half-Dome hiker, climber, or visiter! With a unique vintage design, this bag is cool-looking and a very useful gift or souvenir. This bag is made of a strong canvas material with reinforced handles, and two different sizes are available to buy. 

    Buy here: CafePress


    Panoramic Image Half-Dome Mug

    half-dome Yosemite mug

    This mug is a unique gift or souvenir for any Half-Dome enthusiast who enjoys a hot cup of tea or coffee after a long day at Yosemite! A panoramic image of Half-Dome dominates this mug, encircling from one side of the handle to the other without any breaks in the image. Made of a strong ceramic, this mug is dishwasher and microwave safe.

    Buy here: Zazzle


    "I Hiked That" Half-Dome Sticker

    half-dome Yosemite sticker

    For all those that conquered the Half Dome Hike, this small sticker is a great little reminder of your accomplishment! This handmade sticker is high-quality, a great addition for your notebook, water bottle, or computer!

    Buy here: Etsy


    Yosemite Half-Dome Map Art Print

    Yosemite map art print half dome

    This original print is a beautiful addition to the wall or shelf of any Half-Dome enthusiast's home! A vintage typography map of Yosemite is overlaid by the artist's gorgeous Half-Dome painting, creating a unique work of art! The artist offers many different sizes of prints and two different types of high-quality paper to choose from.

    Buy here: Etsy



    NJ3 Half-Dome Tote Bag

    Yosemite half-dome tote bag

    This is our very own NJ3 Half-Dome Tote bag! With a simple black-and white design, this classic tote bag will match with any outfit! The bag is made of durable polyester with cotton straps, and comes in three different sizes. 

    Buy here: NJ3 


    Minimalist Half-Dome Spiral Notebook

    half-dome notebook Yosemite
    This minimalist-style Half-Dome notebook is a great gift for any hiker, climber, or visiter who enjoys the pink-purple color of Half-Dome in the evening sky. This spiral notebook has a small pocket inside the back cover and 120 graph or ruled pages (your choice). 
    Buy here: RedBubble


    Also, if you would like to see ideas for great Yosemite gifts and souvenirs (Half-Dome and more) check out our NJ3 blog  12 Best Yosemite Gifts and Souvenirs.

    12 Best Yosemite Gifts and Souvenirs

    Yosemite National Park is an amazing place! With majestic rock formations, huge waterfalls, and a plethora of beautiful flora and fauna, Yosemite National Park is well worth a visit. Perhaps you yourself have travelled here, or you know friends or family who enjoy visiting Yosemite. Below is a collection of 12 of the best Yosemite gifts and souvenirs, for those who love Yosemite's natural beauty or couldn't find the right souvenir at one of Yosemite's gift shops. 


    Cool Yosemite Leather Patch Hat

    Yosemite Hat
    This cool hat is perfect for the outdoorsy Yosemite traveler, helping to keep the hot Californian sun off their face! This iconic Half-Dome design is laser-engraved on leather, and pasted using a strong adhesive onto a cotton-poly and nylon mesh hat. The hat is available in several color combinations, all with the same Yosemite leather patch!
    Buy here: Etsy

    Customizable Yosemite Camp Mug

    Yosemite National Park Camp Mug
    This is a wonderful gift perfect for commemorating an amazing Yosemite trip! This metal camp mug has a Yosemite design wrapped all around the mug, and is customizable: you can add your own name(s) and date to the mug. 
    Buy here: Etsy


    NJ3 Yosemite Valley T-Shirt

    Yosemite T-shirt
    This is our very own NJ3 Yosemite t-shirt, a great gift or souvenir for any Yosemite hiker, traveler, or climber! With its subtle Yosemite Valley design, this t-shirt has an appealing simplicity, perfect for everyday wear. Plus, it is made of a lightweight, comfortable fabric that is great for the hot Californian weather. 
    Buy here: NJ3

     Wooden Yosemite Magnet

    Yosemite magnet

    This wooden magnet is a great reminder of an amazing Yosemite trip, making you smile every time you open your fridge! Made of a laser-engraved maple wood, this original Yosemite design is mounted on a strong magnet. However, if you do not have anywhere to place a magnet in your home, the artist also offers this same design as a keychain! 

    Buy here: Etsy

    Pretty Yosemite T-shirt

    Yosemite t-shirt

    This pretty t-shirt is a nice gift or souvenir for a Yosemite-lover! The design is simple with appealing colors; the orange and green work together nicely. Plus, the t-shirt is a comfortable cotton-polyester fabric, perfect for everyday wear!

    Buy here: Target

    Colorful Half Dome Sticker

    Half Dome Sticker
    This vibrant sticker will brighten any Yosemite-lover's water bottle, computer, or notebook! This iconic half-dome design is handmade of vinyl and is weather resistant. 
    Buy here: Etsy

    Unique Yosemite Map Cuff Bracelet

    Yosemite Cuff Bracelet

    This elegant cuff bracelet is a very unique and special gift for those who enjoy traversing Yosemite. Using vintage maps, the artist has a special process to ink the map design onto a scratch-proof and waterproof aluminum bracelet. This specific Yosemite design features several recognizable locations in the park, including Cathedral Rocks, Bridalveil Fall, and El Capitan. 

     Buy here: Etsy

     Unique Yosemite Topography Sculpture

    Yosemite sculpture

    This sculpture is an amazing work of art depicting the unique geographical structure of Yosemite Valley! Carved from Walnut wood according to topographical data, this sculpture deserves a place on a Yosemite-lover's bookshelf or desk. 

    Buy here: Uncommon Goods


    Yosemite Half-Dome Hat

    Yosemite hat

    This cute hat is a wonderful gift or souvenir for any Yosemite hiker, climber, or sightseer! The blue, green and orange patch of the famous Half-Dome structure is a nice contrast with the soft green hat. The front part of the hat is cotton, and the back is a polymer mesh that allows heat to escape, keeping you cooler in the hot Californian heat.

    Buy here: Etsy

    Yosemite Map Gaiter

    Yosemite map gaiter or band

    This gaiter is perfect for any Yosemite-lover who enjoys time out in the wilderness; this cylindrical piece of stretchy fabric can be used as a neck warmer, hair band, sweatband, and more! Plus, this unique map design is subtle and its tan color will go with almost any outfit.

    Buy here: McGovern Outdoor



    NJ3 Yosemite Iconic Half-Dome T-shirt

    Yosemite t-shirt
    This is another of our very own NJ3 Yosemite t-shirts, with a beautiful artistic rendition of the iconic Half-Dome! This t-shirt is a great gift or souvenir for those Yosemite travelers who would love to be reminded of the colossal majesty of Half-Dome. Made of a tri-blend fabric, this t-shirt is lightweight and very comfortable, and is available in 6 different colors!
    Buy here: NJ3


     Yosemite Map Towel

    Yosemite map towel
    This Yosemite towel is a unique addition to a cabin lodge or a Yosemite-lover's home! The map denotes several of the most striking geographical features of the park, including Half Dome, El Capitan, and Bridalveil Fall. Not only does this towel have a unique design, but it is very useful; made of 100% cotton, this towel is soft and very absorbent. 
    Buy here: McGovern Outdoor 

    7 Funny, Cute and Tasteful Sloth Gifts

    Sloths are some of the most cute and funny creatures around, with their big, smiley faces and slow, relaxed movements. It's no wonder that people love these chill and amusing animals. However, when searching for the perfect gift for your sloth-loving friend or relative, you may find that many sloth gifts are full of loud colors, bad puns, or unappealing designs. These 7 gifts below are the opposite; funny, cute and tasteful.

    Sloth "Today I Will Do Absolutely Nothing" Mug

    Sloth "Today I will Do Absolutely Nothing" Mug

    This mug is a perfect gift for that sloth-like person who enjoys sleeping in on those lazy weekends... or maybe curling up with a warm mug of tea or hot cocoa. With a ridiculously cute design and funny saying, this ceramic cup will bring a smile (or a yawn :) to any sloth-lover. 

    Buy here: Amazon 

    Cute Sloth Sticky Notes

    Cute Sloth Sticky Notes
    These little sticky notes are so cute! Any sloth-lover would enjoy seeing these little creatures poking out from their books or papers. Each package comes with six different sloth designs, and three packages are included in your order.
    Buy here: Amazon

    Sloth With Donut T-Shirt

    Sloth with Donut T-shirt

    Our very own NJ3 t-shirt is a perfect gift for those who like to "hang out" with a donut on the couch! The t-shirt is made of a very soft and light tri-blend fabric, and its sloth-donut design is very fun and original!

    Buy here: NJ3

    Petite Sloth Earrings

    Sloth Earrings

    These smiley little faces are so cute! They would make any sloth-lover grin in delight. The plastic sloth faces are handmade and mounted on stainless steel earrings that will not irritate sensitive ears. 

    Buy here: Etsy

    Funny Sloth Kitchen Towel 

    Funny Sloth Kitchen Towel

    This funny kitchen towel will make any lazy cook laugh! An amusing  housewarming gift or Mother's/Father's Day gift for the sloth-lover. This towel is made of cotton and its sloth design is black and white, fitting into any kitchen color scheme. 

    Buy here: Etsy

    Cute Sloth Eraser

    Cute Sloth Eraser

    These sloth erasers are sweet little gifts, easy to include in an envelope or a small gift bag for a sloth-lover. These cute and useful erasers arrive in a package of three; each eraser has a slightly different (but equally adorable!) design. 

    Buy here: Etsy

    Sloth with Coffee T-shirt

    Cute Sloth with Coffee T-shirt

    This is our very own NJ3 t-shirt, perfect for any sloth or coffee lover, as well as those who tend to be sloth-like before their morning coffee. :) This cute design is printed onto a tri-blend t-shirt with super-soft fabric, and available in a variety of sizes. 

    Buy here: NJ3

    8 Quirky and Curious Owl Gifts

    Owls are amazingly smart, cute, and curious birds, which makes them a popular image on bags, mugs, t-shirts, and many other gifts. However, many owl gifts are simple, hackneyed, and unoriginal. These 8 gifts are exactly the opposite; quirky, interesting, and unique. 

    Wise Owl Cork Holder

    Owl Cork Holder
    This cute owl cork holder is perfect for the owl-lover who enjoys a bottle of wine in the evenings. Made of a sturdy metal with a cute owl design, this is a unique twist on your simple, regular cork holder. 

    Buy here: Amazon

    Colorful Owl Candles

    Owl Candles

    These cute and colorful little candles will brighten any night owl's late vigil! Made of soy wax, coloring and scented oils, these candles are hand-poured in Missouri. Plus, you can choose from a variety of colors and scents, so that each candle matches the color scheme and scents of the owl-lover's home.

    Buy here: Etsy

     Original Folded Book Art Owl

    Owl Folded Book Art

    This is an amazingly creative folded book art that deserves to be the statement piece of any owl-lover's bookshelf! This work of art is handmade and made-to-order, so each piece is original and differs slightly in size and cover color. However, you can request that the artist use a certain cover color.

    Buy here: Etsy

    Cute Owl Succulent Plant Pots

    Owl Succulent Plant Pots

    These quirky owl pots are a fun and interesting gift! Cute and petite, these are the perfect size for a small succulent or plant. The owl pots even include drainage holes to keep your succulents or plants healthy. The package comes with six little owl pots, all slightly different owl designs- but does NOT come with succulents. Included below is a link to the owl pots and a separate link to a package of 6 live, varied succulents.

    Buy owl pots here: Amazon

    Buy succulents here: Amazon

    Quirky Owl Garden Stake

    Owl Garden Stake

     This owl garden stake is a fun and quirky addition to an owl-lover's garden or backyard, with its wide-eyed, almost shocked expression! This funny owl design is cut out of steel and attached to a slightly curvy metal pole, which adds even more character to this quirky garden decoration.

    Buy here: Uncommon Goods

    Unique Owl "Really?!" T-shirt

    Owl T-shirt

    This is our very own NJ3 owl t-shirt, perfect for the curious owl-lover! This cute owl has his head cocked, making it look like the owl is curiously examining something, innocently asking; "Really!?" Cute and unique, this owl t-shirt showcases the innate curiosity of owls. 

    Buy here: NJ3

     Funky Owl Watering Can

    Owl Watering Can

    This colorful owl is as much a decoration as it is a watering can! Its cute, fun, and funky vibe makes this owl stand out. This owl watering can is made of metal, created by Indonesian artists all the way on the island of Bali! 

    Buy here: Uncommon Goods

    Owl 3D Wooden Puzzle Clock

    Owl 3D Wooden Puzzle Clock

    This intricate wooden clock is a perfect gift for the owl-lover who enjoys a tough puzzle!  The 3D owl puzzle is comprised of interlocking wooden pieces (no glue required!) and a bit of technology: when completed, this unique owl puzzle can be used as a working clock and timer!  

    Buy here: Amazon